Monday, December 2, 2013

Statement to the Mailing Industry – USPS Defers Implementation of Full-Service Intelligent Mail Requirement for Automation Prices

From the November 29th, 2013 DMM Advisory

The U.S. Postal Service® is disappointed with the portion of last week’s ruling from the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) which held that the implementation of Full-Service Intelligent Mail® barcode (IMb™) constitutes a rate increase. This ill-conceived decision will impair complete adoption of Full-Service IMb and hinder the Postal Service’s ability to promote a technology that enhances the value of mail, which is critical to the development of next-generation digital products and services. The PRC’s overly expansive view of the price cap demonstrates why comprehensive postal reform legislation should include additional pricing authority for the Postal Service Board of Governors.

Due to the PRC ruling, the Postal Service is delaying the Jan. 26, 2014, implementation of the Full-Service Intelligent Mail requirement for automation price discounts. Mailers who are not currently enrolled in Full-Service effective Jan. 26, 2014, will still be able to claim automation prices. To achieve the best pricing, however, mailers must continue meeting Full-Service requirements.

Despite this delay, the Postal Service remains strongly committed to Full-Service adoption for all mailers. The value of Full-Service is well known and helps the mailing community to get the best value-added experience for its mail. The Postal Service will continue moving aggressively to achieve 100 percent visibility in the mail through Full-Service.

We encourage mailers to contact their Mail Service providers and Software vendors to help transition to Full-Service to get the Full-Service discount prices and access the benefits listed below.

We have developed an online Intelligent Mail Small Business Tool that enables even the smallest mailers to take the first steps into Full-Service. The tool remains in place and local bulk mail entry units will continue assisting very small customers and provide them information on how they can use the small business tool to prepare mailings to receive automation and Full-Service discount prices.

Full-Service provides customers with:
·         An additional per piece discount on every Full-Service mailpiece.
·     Address correction information at no additional cost for Full-Service mailpieces, providing Change of Address (or COA) information and Nixie (or undeliverable-as-addressed) information.
·         The ability to track service performance through reports and scan information.
·         Container, tray and mailpiece visibility.
·         Annual permit fees waived when 90 percent or more of cumulative annual mailings consist of Full-Service mail.
·         The opportunity to use the same permit at any location via our Mail Anywhere program.

# # #
To learn about the benefits and requirements of Full-Service, visit our RIBBS® website at Click on Latest News under the Intelligent Mail Services tab to find the latest news on Full-Service – including the simplified process for testing Full-Service mailings. To expedite mailers’ participation in Full-Service, a list of authorized software vendors that have tested their products with the Postal Service can be found on RIBBS/Certifications/eDoc & Full-Service
For questions, contact your local Business Mail Entry Unit or the PostalOne! Help Desk at 1-800-522-9085 or via email at We appreciate your business and look forward to providing information and tools.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Implementation of Full-Service Intelligent Mail Required for Automation Prices

From the April 18th 2003 DMM Advisory

Our final rule to modify eligibility requirements for mailers to quality for automation prices was published in today’s Federal Register. Effective January 26, 2014, use of “full-service” Intelligent Mail® will be required to obtain automation prices for postcards (First-Class Mail® only), letters, and flats when using the following services: First-Class Mail, Standard Mail®, and Periodicals; and for flats mailed at Bound Printed Matter prices.

This final rule is the result of an extensive collaboration with the mailing industry.

The Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) is available on Postal Explorer ( To subscribe to the DMM Advisory, send an e-mail to dmmadvisory@usps.comSimply indicate "subscribe" in the subject line.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Retirement of FastForward™ Technology

From the USPS DMM Advisory (11/2/2012):

This final rule Federal Register Notice was published today. We have revised mailing standards in the Domestic Mail Manual (DMM®) to terminate the use of FastForward™ technology as a Move Update option for commercial First-Class Mail®, First-Class Package Service™, Standard Mail®, and Parcel Select Lightweight®.

Mailers may begin to use the NCOALink® MPE (mail processing equipment) licensed software system at any time to meet the Move Update standards.

The effective date is January 27, 2013.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

January 2013 Price Change Federal Register Notices Published

From the USPS DMM Advisory (10/23/2012):

Today, three price change-related Federal Register Notices were published. One is a final rule and two are proposed rules; all three are available on the Federal Register website and will be available later this week on the Postal Explorer® website at The effective date of each of the rules is January 27, 2013.

International Product and Price Changes (Shipping Services) — In this final rule, we provide revised mailing standards in the International Mail Manual (IMM®) to reflect prices, product features, and classification changes to Shipping Services, including Global Express Guaranteed® (GXG®), Express Mail International®, Priority Mail International®, and First-Class Package International Service™. See the entire notice at

International Mailing Services: Proposed Product and Price Changes (Mailing Services) — In this proposed rule, we provide revised mailing standards throughout the various Individual Country Listings in the IMM to reflect price adjustments for Mailing Services — First-Class Mail International® and extra services. See the entire notice at

New Mailing Standards for Domestic Mailing Services Products— In this proposed rule, we provide revised mailing standards in the Domestic Mail Manual (DMM®) to implement proposed Mailing Services price changes, including several mail classification changes, modifications to mailpiece characteristics, and changes in classification terminology. See the entire notice at

Friday, October 19, 2012

2012 USPS Holiday Mobile Shopping Promotion and Webinar

From the USPS DMM Advisory (10/19/2012):

Direct mail combined with mobile technology can be a convenient way for consumers to do their holiday shopping. The USPS® 2012 Holiday Mobile Shopping Promotion is designed to help merchants use direct mail to put their mobile-optimized offers, product descriptions, and advertised savings into consumers’ hands in time for Cyber Week — the busiest online shopping time of the year.

Registration is open now for the 2012 Holiday Mobile Shopping Promotion, which runs from November 7 through November 21. For promotion details click here or go to

An upcoming webinar will provide an overview of the promotion, including eligibility requirements, registration, how to make mail work with mobile technology, and more.

2012 Holiday Mobile Shopping Promotion Webinar
October 24, 2012
12 noon EDT

Call-in toll-free number (US/Canada): 1-877-668-4493
Access Code: 993 337 055.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Implementation of Full-Service Intelligent Mail Required for Automation Prices

From the USPS DMM Advisory (10/18/2012):

Our proposed rule to modify eligibility requirements for mailers to obtain automation prices for First-Class Mail®, Standard Mail®, Periodicals®, and Bound Printed Matter® when mailing postcards, letters, and flats was published in yesterday’s Federal Register. Effective January 2014, use of “full-service” Intelligent Mail® would be required to obtain automation prices.

We are interested in your feedback, which is due no later than November 16, 2012.

The Federal Register notice provides advance information to help mailers prepare and plan for the transition to Full-Service (use of unique Intelligent Mail barcodes applied to letters, postcards, flats, trays, sacks, and containers such as pallets and submission of electronic mailing documentation). Initiatives are proposed to limit the impact on customers who enter small volume mailings, particularly customers who mail infrequently and have limited resources to adopt new mailing practices.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Revised Standards For Folded Self-Mailers Reminder

From USPS DMM Advisory:

The effective date for the Folded Self-Mailers (FSM) revised standards is drawing near—January 5, 2013. The final rule Federal Register was published on December 1, 2011. Additional FSM reference materials including graphic illustrations are on RIBBS under the Folded Self-Mailers web page at Business Mail Entry employees and Mailpiece Design Analysts can also help answer questions on the revised FSM standards.

The revised standards are intended to provide mailers more mailpiece design options, while balancing design innovation and machinability to improve the overall supply chain. Although the revised standards are not effective until January 5, 2013, the Postal Service encourages mailers to begin the transition now.

Key points in the revised standards include:

§ The final fold must be on the bottom, for oblong pieces, the final fold is on the leading edge.
§  When tabs are used as the sealing method, a minimum of two are required. Tabs cannot be placed on the bottom edge of oblong pieces.
§   New language added about glue as a sealing method.
§   New language added about a variety of optional elements that can be incorporated in the FSM design such as attachments, loose enclosures, perforations, and die-cuts.